The Fallas of the Pyrenees

Come to Las Fallas!

The Fallas del Pirineo are celebrated during the summer solstice, which coincides more or less with the feast of Saint John on June 24.

The celebration of Las Fallas del Pirineo consists of lowering the fire of Las Fallas down the mountain, it tells the tradition to purify the fields and forests, and also to purify the population and preserve it from evil spirits.

The celebration begins with the planted lighthouse , to obtain a large bonfire the day of the descent to light the fallas. The Fallas are handcrafted from pine wood that has tea , giving each municipality its particular shape and construction. The night of the descent you go up to the lighthouse, have a group snack, the lighthouse lights up, the faults in the lighthouse light up and in a group in a row the mountain descends, guided by the fadrí or group leader, walking until you reach to the town where you start running through the streets as ancient tradition chasing away evil spirits until you reach a bonfire where they all launch and burn together. The next day, the ashes are collected and kept throughout the year in the houses.

According to the locality, the customs in this festival vary.

The “Pyrenees Summer Solstice Fire Festivals“, or as they are known, the “Fallas del Pirineo“, in 2015 were declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the intergovernmental committee of UNESCO, taking place in the whole of Occitania, Andorra, Franja de Ponent and the Principality.

Its existence has been known since the 11th century.


  • June 13, Durro
  • June 23, Boí
  • June 27, Barruera
  • July 4th, Erill la Vall
  • July 17, Taüll
  • August 14, Pla de l’Ermita (festive descent)


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