Exposición permanente motos

Permanent exhibition of classic motorcycles and motorcycling

Motorcycles with passion!

Moturismo travels by motorcycle to Caldes de Boí

The Caldes de Boí Health Resort is part of the Moturismo stamp of the Diputació de Lleida, which guarantees specific services for arriving travelers. to our hotel by motorcycle.

In Caldes de Boí, we are pleased to offer the following services for motorcyclists:

  • Free private parking.
  • Motorcycle cleaning elements, helmets, boots and jackets to keep your equipment in good condition.
  • Laundry to wash any items that have become dirty during your trip.
  • Specific information about gas stations, workshops, and tourist attractions (accessible by motorcycle) in case any mishap occurs with your motorcycle.
  • Information about routes in the area to enjoy our region by motorcycle.
  • Information and brochure of the routes in the area of ​​the moturismo seal that facilitated his trip.
  • Visit the permanent exhibition of motorbikes in Caldes de Boí: 82 motorcycles made in Spain between 1940 and 1985, exposed in perfect condition.

For more information you can consult the web page http://moturisme.aralleida.com/ where there are 3 of the routes that pass through our hotel or that are near our area:

We also propose two very close routes to the hotel to enjoy the most representative tourist attractions of the Vall de Boí. These routes are:

  • Caldes de Boí Health Resort – Cavallers Dam 5 km
  • Caldes de Boí Health Resort – Boí Taüll Ski Resorts 18 km

Other usefull information:

Pretol Station:

4 km – Petronor – Repsol (Barruera)

22 km –  Cepsa  (Pont de Suert)


22 km – Atoriutor  (Pont de Suert) 973 61 01 09

22 km – Taller Josep María Marín (Pont de Suert) 973 69 02 47


Permanent Exhibition of Classic Motorcycles

collection of classic motorcycles Visit the permanent exhibition of classic motorcycles located in the Health Resort of Caldes de Boí, with more than 80 road motorcycles made in Spain between 1940 and 1985.

The initiative was born on the 70th anniversary of the arrival in the Vall de Boí from Barcelona, ​​in the summer of 1945, of the first 4 Montesas pre-series, in order to verify their proper operation , being these the first motor vehicles to reach this remote spot.

The protagonists of the adventure were Paco Bultó, his nephew Soler Bultó, Turuta and the Milà brothers.

The exhibition, open to the public in July and August and by appointment the rest of the year, has eleven Montesa, eight Derbis, four Guzzis, fifteen Bultacos, twenty-Ossess, Vespes, Sanglas, Rieju, MV, Ducati, Mondial, Evicsa, Mymsa, Lube, Clua, Soriano, Raid, Rondine, Isso, Peugeot, Lambreta, among others.

The Health Resort offers a special package for those motorcycle lovers who want to visit the motorcycle exhibition and enjoy the same hot spring in Caldes de Boí.

You can check the options by sending an email to [email protected]


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