Post Covid Program

Program for the treatment of post-covid sequelae and to contribute to the recovery of normal body functions.

Covid-19 is a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and not only a respiratory deficit, but also a situation of complete imbalance of the body that affects both purely physical functions and cognitive and emotional functions, altering the person’s natural day-to-day form. The set of external factors and the predisposition, together with the stress factor are the 3 fundamental pillars for this syndrome to be implanted. To achieve the recovery of homeostatic balance it is necessary to act on each of these switches.

Through the program the patient will learn techniques to regain their quality of life, techniques not only manual but also cognitive and psychological.

This program is combined with close motivational follow-up by the medical team and physiotherapists, a personalized diet focused on improving the person’s overall health, medical supplements and manual therapies.

DETOXIFY AND CLEAN by helping our body eliminate substances that prevent the defenses from advancing and acting. To achieve this we will design and administer an anti-inflammatory diet.

NEUTRALIZE the “uncontrolled inflammatory cascade” that can lead to a state of hypercoagulability and thrombus generation.

STRENGTHEN the immune system: facilitating its oxidative capacity against viral agents.

REDUCE STRESS enhance mental capacity and defense, facilitate adequate mood and willpower. Management of resilience to the virus and the current global situation.

FOOD anti-inflammatory diet made in conjunction with our nutritionist.

Drinking water of Avellaner. To fluidize the secretions of the airways. Water from the Tartera. Excellent sulphurous water to strengthen the immune system


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