Escapada antiestrés dos noches en el Balneario de Caldes de Boí

Vichy Shower Treatment from Antiestress Program

The Anti-Stress Program from Caldes de Boí is indicated especially for people in an anxious state due to daily life, insomnia due to stress, mild depression or post-stress conditions. mild stress

The treatment will consist of immersion in sulphurous water and treatment in sulphurous water steam stoves looking for a generalized relaxation. To achieve a calm state, massage techniques will be used in both dry and water, such as underwater massage, Vichy massage and anti-stress massage. This will be combined with specific exercise techniques that seek mental relaxation and body-mind balance, such as Aichi and aquatic relaxation.

Drinking water hydropinic cure with A gua from the Fountain of the “Bosc” . Sulfurized water with antioxidant effect.