Tratamiento dermatológico del Balneario Caldes de Boí


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Dermatological Program Caldes de Boí is designed for the intensive treatment of pathologies such as acne, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, irritative eczema, post-surgical scars, post-burn dermatitis, keratinization disorders (keratosis pillars, hyperkeratosis, etc.), lichen planus, chronic lichen simplex, neurodermatitis, dry and asteatotic eczemas, actinic keratosis.

The treatment consists of an evaluation by the Spa doctor where the combination of the different techniques to be performed will be clearly indicated.

It will consist of the application of the Sulphaterm own mud , designed specifically for use on skin that comes from algae growing in sulphurous waters; combining it with natural sulfur water steam stoves and dips in special bathtubs with water also rich in sulfur.

Drinking water Tartera water in small daily quantities, to achieve immuno-modeling of the immune system, related to skin pathologies.