Health Resort Caldes de Boí Threatments

Health Resort Caldes de Boí Threatments

The Rheumatology Program of Caldes de Boí is designed for patients suffering from diseases related to the osteoarticular system (osteoarthritis, arthritis, recovery of fractures and post-traumas) , herniated discs, ankylosing spondylitis, etc.), and all diseases of muscular or neuromuscular origin such as fibromyalgia. To achieve this, we use our best sulfur-free natural hot springs in combination with our mud aged in thermal water for 12 months. Through personalized therapies (therapeutic massage, rehabilitation and aquatic rehabilitation techniques, etc.), we manage to improve the function and mobility of the affected limbs and the reduction of pain.

The treatment consists of an evaluation by the Spa doctor, where the combination of the different techniques, consisting of the application of mud in the affected joints, balneotherapy in a special bathtub with high water will be specifically indicated. sulfurated and rehabilitation in pool. If it is not possible to carry out rehabilitation in water, it will be carried out dry by therapeutic gymnastics. To soothe pain, massage techniques will be used both in dry and in water, such as Underwater Massage, Vichy Massage and Massage by Universal Large Shower.

Drinking water Detoxifying Cure with Tartera water in small doses, several times a day.